Our Approach

We read the news. See something interesting. Then move on to the next story. Wait a minute. There’s something missing with this. We help you get back to Point A. What drew millions to these stories to begin with, and how can companies continuously draw people back? In other words: How do you stay exciting?

There’s a reason why people like one thing over another. It comes down to concept. While the product may change many times, if people connect with the concept, then no matter what version or upgrade or service level you release–people will come back.

What does it mean to connect (Facebook), follow (Twitter) or link (LinkedIn) with someone? Why do so many people like smart phones and tablets? Bottled water companies don’t own the trademark on “pure” and smart phone makers don’t own the trademark on “communication.” But by staying true to the idea, they can show that they are vested in the pursuit of knowledge. The continual development and progression of ideas.

Here’s a minute video from Steve Jobs that we thought was representative of the “core” concept:


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Yonason Gordon, Founder (on Twitter @YonatanGordon)
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P.S. For another great site, please visit Interinclusion.org.


2 thoughts on “Our Approach

  1. Hi Yonason, So glad to see this highly intellectual forum. I have a question: What if you need to get a message out to the public that goes against what they believe and provokes a strong visceral reaction? I’m trying to get people to understand that the science of obesity is a far cry from the hysteria portrayed in the public lay media. I have no idea how to get anywhere with this and don’t know if I ever will, but I feel compelled to do it. Can you suggest anything at all that might be helpful?

    Thanks! Miriam

    • At its best, obesity can result from the spiritual pleasure and delight derived from Godliness. So physical obesity is also a sign of spiritual health. It also relates to having compassion for one’s body. Every body needs a proper amount of corpulence, just like a person learns how to express an appropriate measure of compassion. By projecting a keen sense of compassion outward (as is taught throughout Jewish law), the public will respond in kind by being compassionate to your cause. Great success!

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