For the first time in five years, God willing, Harav Ginsburgh will be delivering a public class in English tomorrow in Crown Heights.
Rav at a class
For more about Rav Ginsburgh, please read here: http://www.inner.org/rav
Currently this is the only NY-area class planned. The write-up for the class has been copied below. Also while we are working on a live video feed for the class, for all who are able, we strongly encourage you to clear your calendar and attend in person.

An evening of inspiration with Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

We know not to allow the inspiration of Elul and the High Holidays to simply recede into the darkness of winter. We know that our current mission is to “Unpack the Lights of Tishrei” and carry them into the year ahead.

But how?

Join us for an evening of profound and healing wisdom from Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh that will help you establish guidelines and pathways to do just that.

DATE: 27 Tishrei, October 21
PLACE: CAY, 306 Albany Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11213
TIME: 8:30pm (Registration 8:15pm, the lecture will begin promptly at 8:30pm.)
COST: $12 prepaid, $15 at the door (You can purchase tickets in advance here.)

Israel at the Crossroads: The Land, the Politics, Our Inner Being (8:30pm)
Relationship Breakthroughs: Understanding the Relationship Crisis & Discovering a Path to Peace and Purpose (9:45pm)

Give yourself the gift of authentic inspiration. Purchase your advance tickets here.

With blessings,

Olivia Schwartz and Shimona Tzukernik


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