watching an unfunded campaign end…

steve with mac

You never know until you try.

It’s a saying that you hear from time to time. Better to try … to test the waters and see the results … then to never try at all.

When I started the Kabbalah and Business book campaign, I wasn’t doing it for the money (although it would have helped). Instead, I launched the campaign because I thought to give it a try. I had hopes of being able to send the book to companies (especially tech companies) and book reviewers … to reach more people and change more lives. While the money would have helped to pay some bills, this wasn’t the point.

But it seems for now, Hashem had other plans.

Like any endeavor there are periods of progress and growth … and periods of return and retreat. I think the retreat here is to be reminded of the simple art of writing, without concern for how many dozens, hundreds, or thousands of readers managed to find the article that time.

No matter how many readers there are, my job remains the same … to write for the sake writing alone … for Hashem alone.

P.S. To the person who has emailed me private commentaries in the past, please kindly refrain.



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