“The Apple Lamp” Campaign – Please Vote.

This campaign is open for voting only for another 2 days. Please vote by clicking here (signing up for a free Quirky.com account is required).

As mentioned in a previous article, the intention behind these inventions is to later connect the concepts behind these inventions to Jewish thought.

This is not a crowdfunding campaign. No public money is needed to make this invention idea a reality. 


The Problem

When I read about Steve Jobs last moments, and his exclamation of “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” many thoughts came to mind. But while readers of the Wall Street Journal voted Steve’s last words the most meaningful quote of 2011, we still don’t know what he saw.

What I’d like to suggest is that instead of something out of this world, perhaps he saw something very much in this world. That as he devoted his life endeavoring to connect the world, perhaps he was given a glimpse of how interconnected this world truly is.

From this thought was born the idea for The Apple Lamp. A Wink-connected table lamp that increases illumination based on the usage and proximity of other nearby devices. For instance, if you decide to program your wall clock, music player, washer-dryer, The Apple Lamp increases lumination slowly during the length of each session. The intent is to remind each of us about the nature of connectivity. The symbolism and the spiritualism behind connecting products together. The Apple Lamp is as an accent piece, a design element and conversation topic for fostering conversations and explorations together with friends and family.

The dimmer on The Apple Lamp is controlled by the activity from Wink. The first consideration is the processing power used to monitor and control all nearby devices. The second is the active interaction with one of these devices. Once a Wink device is accessed, the brightness of the lamp slowly increases during the length of each session.

The Solution

While being surrounded by beeping and humming gadgets may seem a hinderance to a peaceful, tranquil home atmosphere, The Apple Lamp helps to remind us of the greater symbolism at play.

Before the Internet of Things, household items were viewed in isolation. While many were plugged into the wall for electricity, their connectivity ended at the wall outlet. Now we are embarking on an exciting new world where connectivity abounds. But while its nice to see all these gadgets working together, it’s also important to experience the wow of this vision. That beyond the flashing lights rests a greater dream for the future.

The Apple Lamp serves as a symbolic point of reference, a reminder about what it means to connect things, and why we are so enthralled by the Internet of Things to begin with.

The Apple Lamp’s shade will be made of white PVC plastic in the shape of a full apple with stem (not the bitten version featured in the Apple logo). The base is nickel plated as in the picture provided from the Modway “Glowpetal” table lamp.

The Apple Lamp is powered by a LED light bulb with a regular plug for wall outlets. The lamp will also include a manual dimmer control for use when Wink is disabled.



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