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Hinged Reading for Tablets

There are two trajectories in Divine service, either top-down or down-up. In recent years, I have tried to focus primarily on the top-down approach by relating Kabbalah to the concepts in the world of technology, business, and so forth. But the problem is that people expect to see the bottom-up as well. If you are writing a book on Kabbalah and Business, they want to make sure that you know both Kabbalah and Business.

In an effort to merge these two worlds, to connect my Kabbalah writing about new technologies especially, and my efforts to promote a book that chronicles the convergence between Kabbalah and Business, I decided to begin inventing the topics of the technology articles and submitting them to for review. This way, if God willing an idea or two (or three, etc…) is successful there, then hopefully the Kabbalah article detailing the concept behind the invention will likewise be well received.

So while  the Kabbalah and Business book is ending in 14 days … at which point all monies would be returned to those who donated for lack of raising the $5,000 … or even $3,000 … The campaign only requires from the public a vote and social share. God willing, with a portion of money earned from successful Quirky campaigns, I’d like to bring the Kabbalah and Business book to publication. But for now, unless donors come rushing, again it will close in 14 days.

Here are the links:

Top-Down (spiritual to physical):

Kabbalah and Business Book:

Down-Up (physical to spiritual):

The Apple Lamp:

Hinged Reading for Tablets:



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