(Inter)Personal Computing

PCs should be viewed as IPC (Inter-Personal Computing), and according to a recent article, “How Steve Jobs Inadvertently Helped Create The World Wide Web,” this IPC thought helped create the internet.

first_web_serverFirst Web Server, Wikipedia Commons

By Yonatan Gordon

Why is this factoid significant to us today? That Steve Job’s voice when turning on the NeXT computer read, “‘Welcome to the NeXT. This is not about personal computing. It’s about ‘inter-personal’ computing.’?Because we are still working hard on the inter … a term that we now call connectivity, networks, and so forth.

How then do we turn math and computing into something collective? It’s taken about 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee first conceived the World Wide Web while working at CERN, but we are finallly beginning to see more of the “inter” instead of the “personal” in computing.

For instance, as mentioned in the SCiO molecular sensor article, there is great excitement in compiling the “world’s first database of matter.” But all this stuff has numbers associated with it corresponding to it’s atomic weight, etc… Anyone who has seen the Matrix can appreciate some of where this is going.

What would it be like to see numbers around us instead of things? A real life www of concepts. An IC (inter computing) world.



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