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Gal Einai’s “5th of Tevet” Annual Book Sale!

On this day, the 5th of Tevet, in 5747 (January 6th, 1987) a modern-day miracle occurred. While the dispute over the ownership of the library of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, was a difficult period historically, the results led to an increasing dedication to the study, purchase and financial support of seforim (holy Jewish books).

Shortly after the U.S. Federal Court issued the decision in favor of Chabad, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, said the following in a public address:

…We must say that the reason for these problems was only to bring a greater level of ascent. The only reason for the troubling and uncertain situation was to accomplish greater things many times over, in the area of spreading Yiddishkeit.

To this effect, like Chanukah directly preceding it on the Jewish calendar-which was instituted by the rabbis as an annual celebration to commemorate the miracles that occurred a year prior-the 5th of Tevet was instituted by the Lubavitcher Rebbe as an annual celebration of the “victory of the seforim.”

Purchasing Seforim

From an address on 5 Tevet, 5749, two years after the original event:

“This day is connected to the matter of the seforim … and based on the recent custom to connect [everything] with tzedakah (charity), we will connect with this matter (of the seforim), in a manner of a new idea, something that has no precedent:
As customary, we will conclude with distributing a [dollar] bill for tzedakah, to every man, woman and child; and now we will add one more [dollar] bill − as a participation in purchasing new seforim, or in restoring old seforim, or to give to another Jew to purchase or restore seforim. This includes seforim of the inner dimension of the Torah, as it has become customary recently to purchase seforim of the inner dimension of the Torah.”

Gal Einai Store Sale

To this effect, we are running a one-day sale through Sunday night on our English books. The sale is taking place online through our webstore,


Each book has been discounted 25% to encourage the purchase of our books (related to the “inner dimension of the Torah” quoted above), on this auspicious day of the 5th of Tevet.

To receive sale pricing, please enter the 
hei-tevet-5774 coupon code at checkout. 
To share a good approach to take while purchasing and studying the books of Gal Einai, I thought to share one story that happened to me personally.

Studying in Order to Teach

The date was the 18th of Iyar (May 16, 2006)-Lag B’Omer, the day of the passing of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar-and the event, given the nature of the day when it took place, was appropriately entitled, “The Fundamentals of the Inner Dimension of the Torah.”

I had traveled with my family from Houston, Texas, in order to attend a series of lectures in Los Angeles and sell books at each event. This particular class was held at “Schwartzie’s,” otherwise known as the home of Rabbi Shlomo and Mrs. Olivia Schwartz.

The event was different in that it was a three hour long seminar held to instruct prospective teachers of the soon-to-be-opened Gal Einai center of Los Angeles. After the event, a test was developed that prospective teachers could return as part of the training process.

While the audio and PDF copy of the test can be viewed here, what is harder to document are the results that I observed that day. Neither before nor after this event do I remember seeing a response as I saw that day. Several participants, excited by the prospects of not only studying these books, but turning around to teach the material to others, walked away with a stack of books each. It took some time to appreciate what had just happened, but when it started to sink in, it had a profound effect on me.

Whenever I want to share with people a good mindset to take while reading or promoting the books of Gal Einai, I mention this story. While reading these books is something meritorious by itself, reading them in order to teach not only fosters an inspired sense of excitement, but it also yields greater personal benefits as well.

Prior to the start of that event, the Rav shared with me an idea that had recently come to his mind. At that time, I was having difficulty distributing the books. While stores and others were interested, there were circumstances which made the efforts difficult for whatever the reasons were.

So he called me to the side and said that a segulah for success in selling the books, is studying them. I took the statement at face value at first. That while I’ve read or skimmed through many already, a person could always read again or with greater concentration. But seeing the results from that “prospective teacher” class, I’d like to offer perhaps another explanation:

True success from reading these books, comes when we have in mind to teach them over to others. This not only benefits the recipient, but us personally as well.

To date, many of the Rav’s closest students are successful teachers in their own right. Many are directors of their own institutions and organizations, but the thing common to them all is that they consider themselves students of the Rav.

When you buy books from our site today, then later sit down to read them, I encourage you to have this story in mind. Just as each person is given their own unique talents and abilities, so too no two students look at the same books in quite the same way. There are people that each of us can uniquely reach that perhaps others cannot as easily reach. And in the merit of learning these books in order to assist others, may we in turn be assisted with a greater abundance of physical and spiritual plenty.

Thanks for listening, now on to the sale at

Yonatan Gordon
English Editor

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