Jewish Psychology School – Distance Learning Pre-Registration Closes SUNDAY!


torat hanefesh banner


Despite the real or imagined gravity of our situation, there remains deep within us an untouched and unaffected point of wholeness and goodness. As soon as we remember this, we can use this point to recast our whole situation in a more positive light. Without this awareness, we may conceive of our inner selves as problematic or even tainted by some psychological disorder or complex. In truth, however we possess an identity and self-hood that is independent of our anxieties. If we can gradually identify with this inner point of health, we can rehabilitate ourselves in its image.

— Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

As a service to a friend on mine, I’m writing this post to inform you about a very special distance learning program.

From the program booklet:

This year marks the seventh year of the Torat Hanefesh — School of Jewish Psychology. During this time, we have developed a firm basis and methodology for teaching Jewish psychology according to the teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov and we hope, with Hashem’s help, that we will continue to reap His blessings as a result of our continued endeavors to spread and expand Torah learning in this field and that He continue to open the path to help ourselves and all those who come to ask for our assistance.

To years ago we launched the English section of Torah Hanefesh and this year approximately 15 woman will be completing our full 3-year program.

If you are interested in registering for the new program, please take a look at the first round of free classes from last week. In order to register to watch this Monday’s sessions, payment arrangements will need to be made prior to the classes. For the full email from them with all the finer details, please click HERE.



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