Hebrew Letters and the Future of Language

programming language

Photo Credit: TheVerge.com

By Yonatan Gordon

Last time, I mentioned a class held in 2005 at UC Berkeley about using Hebrew as a programming language. That while that class was given about eight years ago, we are now seeing this approach begin to enter reality. But there are more implications to this topic than the development of computers that run faster, etc… While this topic began as a means to replace or improve upon the existing programming languages out there, the ultimate intention is to take this Hebrew letter computing language, beyond computers entirely!

Before telling the story of the “Future of Language,” let’s first bring a recent headline that presents a glimmer of what I am trying to now convey. The recent article from TheVerge.com is entitled, “New programming language could code DNA to deliver drugs and detect diseases”, and discusses the health benefits of ingesting programmed cells.

To quote:

University [of Washington] researchers have developed a programming language that engineers could use to build artificial DNA molecules that can be embedded into human cells. While the language is still in its infancy and not far enough along for use in the medical industry, the university says it hopes its creation will eventually be used to craft custom molecules that can be inserted into a patient’s body to deliver drugs or detect diseases and other abnormalities.

Ingesting Letters

Before reading this, the Hebrew letters still felt somewhat static to me. I understand that these are the 22 channels of creative consciousness that God uses to continuously create reality. I understand (as much as I can) from The Gate of Unity and Faith in the Tanya, that the world is being continuously recreated using the permutations and substitutions of the Hebrew letters. But what makes articles like this so intriguing, is that these stories assist by providing new terms to these classic concepts.

Often we speak about Hebrew being the “clear language” of the future. But there are varying opinions as to what it means to be clear? Maybe the clarity is that all nations of the world will speak it? But perhaps we can borrow from the real-life metaphor presented in this story, and say that the clarity of the Hebrew letters will be felt once they become viewed as 22 channels of healing.

I wrote before about quantum information theory, and how according to the proponents of this theory, that everything is information. This is also what we say, that all of created reality is made up of the Hebrew letters. The question then is how do we turn something that seems static, into packets of energy that fill all of creation?

A Story about Shorthand

A little over four years ago, Rabbi Ginsburgh was invited to give a class on communication at the Soul Enrichment Center in Manhattan. While I have (thank God) been able to attend many classes since–and they are all special–this one still stands out to me in some ways from among the rest.

On the car ride there, it became clear that something had changed. The Rav was asking my friend–who was also in the car and had a digital pocket encyclopedia with him–about the ancient and modern history to shorthand. As this took place minutes before the class was about to begin, the sudden curiosity in the topic of “shorthand” was most intriguing.

Even once the class began, it was unclear how the sudden interest in “shorthand” was going to come into play. As we all sat high up, on the 28th floor of a beautiful conference room overlooking the Hudson River, I was still puzzled by that episode in the car. While the opening topic was most interesting–the vertical and horizontal communication methods of angels and humans–it still seemed like this material was an introduction or lead-up to something else.

The Clear Language of the Future

As I cry even today at the beauty of this moment, while its hard to capture it in writing, let me at least try. I remember hearing the wind howling outside. Pretty typical for a skyrise by the river … but I felt that this signified the onset of a new revelation that was about to enter the world. Rabbi Ginsburgh paused after finishing the first part about the communication of angels, about how interpersonal communication is horizontal whereas prayer is vertical… then he paused…and then began to introduce the language of the future.

Letter by letter, he went on to explain the psychological and telepathic implications of each of the 22 letters. While one of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s most popular books is Hebrew Letters, this class showed attendees how to take all the information contained in that book, and turn it into a healing language rooted in telepathy.

What is the take-home lesson from all of this? If the world is made of the Hebrew letters, then we all exist on the same seas. Just as one person’s thoughts are not isolated from the rest, so is our ability to heal and benefit others. We are all in this together, and we all have the programming skills needed for the job.


One thought on “Hebrew Letters and the Future of Language

  1. This is the third time I read this. The promise it holds. The aspect of each letter and how it enhances the meaning of the sacred writings. A beautiful meditation !

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