The Kabbalah of Apple’s New iPhone 5s Finger ID


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By Yonatan Gordon

I was going to write about the Finger ID for the new iPhone 5s, then it got hacked, or maybe it did at least. Then I started to think–aside from its new operating system–if arguably the most talked about feature of this new version may not even work, then what does this teach us about measuring our own accomplishments?

I used to think that if people liked and shared my articles, then they were successful. Then I started programming all sorts of complicated “algorithms” into the articles in order to start equipping each article with a “Finger ID.”

As I wrote in a comment to my friend Moshe at the end of the last article, I resolved myself to something. And that is that these articles come with a form of encryption. More than the Hebrew words and terms, is a brevity of style, or way of thinking, or approach, that isn’t written to win a popularity contest. I usually write these articles late at night, when I have time to sit and ponder, and that’s also probably what I expect (either consciously or not) from readers as well.

Behind each of these articles, are apps, applications, that can take you straight to the realization of your inspirations, dreams, and motivations in life. Not because of me, but because they are based on Kabbalah and Chassidut. Because the source is infinite, so too are the applications.

When Pharoah’s magicians were trying to show Moses and Aharon that they can match the miraculousness of the plagues, with their own unholy practices, they had to stop short at the plague of lice. As the magicians said to Pharoah there, “It is the finger of God.” [Exodus 8:15]. As the Talmud explains, the reason that they couldn’t make lice, is because lice is smaller than the tip of the finger.

This then was my take on the whole Finger ID story. That if you want to write something that has limitless potential–because it is based on the infinite nature of the inner dimension of Torah–then you need to make sure that only the right fingerprints can enter. Those sincere readers, who earnestly seek to take these thoughts to the next level.

It also helps that this month of Tishrei, corresponds to the sense of touch according to Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation). So this also explains why this is the top story to come out of the new iPhone.


2 thoughts on “The Kabbalah of Apple’s New iPhone 5s Finger ID

  1. I have several thoughts on this, first, that you are able to relate the Inner dimension of the Torah with modern technology is a gift, it is so important for young people to be able to connect these timeless ideas with the tech that is so much a part of their lives, well done! Second, I have not bought one of these new phones yet, it will become necessary somewhere down the road when the older phones become obsolete. Yet I see people my age ( Im 61) finding their phones indispensible. I put in plenty of time on the internet, I want to save more of my time on personal things, practising music, meditation and prayer, and most importantly, talking , live, to my children and grandchildren. And finally, even though I loved the metaphor about having the right fingerprint in accessing holy knowledge, there is a dark side to this technology. People stealing these phones and cutting off the owners fingers to access these phones, a problem that I havent seen address in the media. These phones are highly prized, it is almost certain to happen

    • Hi Ed, Thanks again for the great response! With regard to your last point, it is mentioned in articles, but this again would be the modern-day equivalent of Pharoah’s magicians or necromancers. The way to prevent this is, as you said, real-life communication. Just as technology is only as good as the way in which it is used, the quality of communication is not judged by whether it is done by means of an iPhone 5s or not. It all comes down to education, and instilling clear and positive messages to the next generation.

      There’s a reason kids still wait in line for hours at the newest Apple product release. But its not for the reason that people think. They are looking for an upgraded form of communication. Between themselves, between the world. They want to interact, to feel themselves connected. So for now they wait in line at the Apple store. Hopefully tomorrow at the Synagogue.

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