Twitter IPO: The Value of a Tweet


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By Yonatan Gordon

I’ve been wondering for awhile now whether the value of a tweet could be measured. Granted, I’ve had the opportunity now to throw out 885 witticisms, article links, and other shorthand communications … but I always thought the value to be something immeasurable. If you make one person smile one day, then all those months and years of tweeting was well worth the effort.

But now it seems that analysts are trying to put a value to my tweets, somewhere to the tune of 10 billion dollars. Okay, although its not confirmed as of yet, being as no one has yet to offer me stocks, they’re probably thinking about selling the stocks to raise money or something.

When I wrote about Facebook’s IPO, I mentioned how it served as a reminder for each of us to go “IPO” within ourselves. To actualize our potential in life, and share our talents and abilities with those around who could benefit. What then is the deeper significance to a Twitter IPO?

The IPO of Peace

As I wrote in one of the site’s most popular articles, “Twitter: Hatching Ideas 140 Characters at a Time,” the chirping of a bird, signifies the onset of peace to the world:

The numerical value of the Hebrew word for “bird” ( צפור ), is equal to the numerical value of the word “peace” ( שלום ). Birds are the harbingers of peace on earth. So too, the chamber of Mashiach—the “prince of peace” (Isaiah 9:5)—before he comes down to this world, is called “the bird’s nest” (קן צפור). From this we learn that perfected consciousness, untainted by the constraints of exile, comes from the birds nest.

While the Facebook IPO represented the awakening of the individual, the Twitter IPO is more of a collective awakening. Namely, this year is more about the concurrence of the majority towards peaceful objectives, then it was in previous years. If we learned to follow specific personalities and figures, then we need to train ourselves to listen more to the voice of the public. What does the public need from me, and how should I in turn act accordingly?

Usually we don’t think of truth or justice as a popularity contest; and the truth is its still not. The difference though is in whether leadership is in a top-down mode, or bottom-up. This new year, 5774, is very much going to be a bottom-up year. Where the community of followers (or readers), brings about the arrival of truthful and honest leaders. Ultimately, with the “prince of peace,” the Mashiach himself.

There are many more detailed reasons for why this years, is the year of the majority (which I would be happy to share if you would like to contact me directly).


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