Writing The Real-Life Ending to the Pacific Rim Movie

Humpback almost eats divers

When we said that the existence of the agents in the Matrix film, depended upon our perception, this seems relatively straightforward to comprehend. After all, since the reality depicted in the film exists at the level of thought, instead of resorting to a gun battle at the end of the first installment, wouldn’t it have made more sense to simply “blink” each agent away? Or as it is explained in Chassidut, instead of perceiving the evil as an outward manifestation, to reach the inner point of rectification within oneself. In this sense, each agent is an “agent” of a specific evil in need of personal rectification (e.g. envy, lust, honor-seeking).

This entry is not about the Matrix, but Pacific Rim. In this movie, we appear to be dealing with a very real world, set about ten years in the future. The only thing not real, were the mythologies or fantasy components to the story. Specifically, the name and background story given to these sea monsters. So we said that once you strip these monsters of their mythology, like all mythologies, the “monster” aspect disappears or vanishes away.

But again, this answer doesn’t seem complete. Unlike the Matrix, we are not saying that the reality depicted is virtual, or thought-based. So while the end of the movie should dismiss the illusion of these monsters, the real question is what prompted this fear and hysteria to begin with? Surely there much have been some specific real event, that quickly escalated into superstition and fantasy? Thanks to this video, we didn’t have to wait long for our answer:

How the Mythology Began

Imagine a time ten years in the future, where scientists were exploring the latest in brain-computer interfaces. Not only had they learned how to control robots with thought, but they also developed a new type of collective gaming chip. These “game projection” chips had become very popular sellers for all the leading game developers at the time.

One of the aspects of this chip was a shared experienced feature, whereby the visual feedback of the players could be shared among all the active participants in the game. The particular game they were playing at the time was themed around monsters.

The mythology begins when one of the players happened to be walking by at the same time as the above event (or an event similar to it). Since he was virtually playing the game at the time, he mistakenly thought these whales were monsters. Then the experience was shared among all the other players. Not only was this player convinced that he had seen actual sea monsters, but all the other players were convinced as well.

The defect in the chip itself wasn’t realized until the end of the movie. They didn’t think the chip interfered with their experience of the real-world, but now they realized this was not the case. The end message should convey the importance of positive thinking, the power of thought, and the ability to wake up from a fictional reality, into a greater state of realization and truth.

A Real Spoiler

Usually we talk about not revealing the spoilers to movies, but in most cases, even if we knew the ending, it still wouldn’t stop us from wanting to see the movie. But in this case, the realization at the end, changes the way we view the whole rest of the movie. Knowing the ending to our version of Pacific Rim, may very well stop us from seeing the movie!

Is there another example for this? There is one very famous example, but since there may be issues with even mentioning the name of the movie, we will only mention that it was released in 1999. For those who remember, at the end when the revelation was made, the movie starting flashing back quickly on many of the various scenes that occurred during the movie. While we again do not agree with that storyline, the “moment of realization” in our version of Pacific Rim would flash back to the point before these “monsters” induced mass hysteria. Then the camera would close in on the chip implanted in the temple of this person. The rest of the movie would be about the malfunction of the chip, and the collective rebuilding of mankind (both physically, mentally, and spiritually).

Saving the World

Now that we’ve shown our “monsters,” to be real-life whales, let’s say a little from the Torah about whales.

First the numerical value of the Hebrew word for “whale” (לווייתן) is Kingdom (מַלְכוּת), which as we said in “The Kabbalah of Science Fiction Movies,” relates to the ability to build the world (or rebuild the world after a setback). Encoded in the imagery of the whale, is also an optimism for the future. This will culminate in the ultimate future, when we feast on the great whale, the leviathan, and the meal celebrating the arrival of Mashiach.

In Kabbalah, Kingdom, in the world of Divine Emanation, is represented by the sea, whose tides are controlled by the power of the moon, or the symbol of King David (upon seeing the new moon we say, “David the king of Israel is alive forever”). When malchut descends to enliven the lower worlds it is symbolized by the earth. Thus, the leviathan, whose value equals Kingdom, is the symbol of the Divine Source of “kingdom.”

The rising of the tides, especially when coupled with the emergence of whales, or the leviathan, then is a Kingdom experience of the psyche. It is no wonder then, that seeing something similar to the above video, should raise concerns  about the state of the world itself. But as Kingdom, and the rising of the tides, also relates to King David, the real victory could be best seen in those that took a leadership position in the movie. Especially, when they answered the “call to action,” in order to save others from what was then perceived as peril.

The take-home lesson from the movie, is that we should be careful what we fill our minds with. That onlooker should have been busy thinking about the feast of the leviathan, instead of a virtual game about monsters.

Ultimately, the “destiny” of Mashiach and his generation is to assume the level of sea on earth, culminating with this prophecy about the coming of Mashiach:

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God, like waters cover the seabed.”

This is the “interdimensional portal” we would most concern ourselves with.


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