Marketing Ideas Once They Hit the Air

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By Yonatan Gordon

Often we look to include modern metaphors when formulating our discussions, and sometimes our discussions come first. This is not to say that our articles always come first, but we can learn an important lesson when they do.

That is why instead of writing an article to explain the concepts behind Seth Godin’s recent post “Levels of marketing magic, the placebo effects of desire,” our task is somewhat easier now. While we don’t like the terms “magic” and “placebo effect,” still the basic points were mentioned already in our Introducing the Product Flip Cycle.

Before we begin with the correspondences, we want to make mention again that we are not presupposing that Godin has visited our blog (although he is more than welcome to). Instead, Kabbalah and Chassidut teaches us that thoughts and ideas “hit the air” as it were. While Malcolm Gladwell and others have talked about this, our motivation on this blog is to provide the contextual landscape for these ideas. So while we will be explaining the concepts behind Godin’s latest post, this time we just need to copy and paste the relevant sections from our article.


ANTICIPATION: Before the product is released, the true fans are buzzing and speculating and waiting in line. The anticipation is self-reinforcing, a placebo effect of desire.


The desire to purchase the newest version…is because the concept, message or symbolism behind the [old] product has been obfuscated. Now that the faster, thinner model has come out … their smartphone no longer looks so smart anymore. As we began this article, people today are attracted more to the concept or message behind the product than the marketing.


UTILITY: The album is good, the software is useful, the book changes things. It works better than we hoped. Exceeding expectations pays significant dividends.


Products are prominently in the spotlight when the public is most connected to the concept. When the Pleasure is highest, the connection with the concept behind the product is also at its highest.


REMARK: It’s purple. Remarkable. Worth talking about. The word spreads. Ten people tell ten people and suddenly, it’s abuzz. Not because of PR or hype, but because the remarkability is built right into the product or service itself. And more people enjoy things that are getting buzzed about.


Note: The REMARKability of a product depends on how closely it advances the core principles behind it.

The rush to be the first in line at the Apple store is where newness comes into the equation. The newness of a product is at its highest when people most think that it can deliver the concept. While the iPad 4 didn’t deliver the consumer portable knowledge, perhaps the iPad 5 will?


TRIBE: The core group, the true fans, are even more connected than before. The organization has helped them organize, the product creates a culture, commitments are made, conversations persist, a culture is built. To use something that makes us feel as though we belong is magic indeed.


The Innovators and Early Adopters of Apple products are also some of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. This is because of their continued belief that someday vast storehouses of knowledge will be readily accessible to them. It is for this that they line up time and time again.


If this sounds like Apple….


It sounded like Apple 😉


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