Facebook – How to Lead with the Eyes

By Yonatan Gordon

In Kabbalah it says that the source of movement in the body is not in the hands or the feet. Where does movement begin? In the eyes.  Eyesight. Even the two letter root for movement – nah (nun-ayin) – when written backwards is the two letter root for eye – ayin (ayin-nun).

It is said about a true leader (e.g. Moses the ultimate lover of Israel) that he has the ability to instantaneously move from one soul to another soul. If one person is now passing before this leader, in his eyesight when he is looking at me right now, his entire soul is focused and directed and connecting with me and directing blessing to me with his eyes. He is giving blessing, not just with his words, but with his eyes he is giving blessing to me as well.

But then it only lasts for one split second, then the next second somebody is now in his focus, his vision, his eyesight. This is called the infinite agility of eye motion, the ability to instantly take your eyes off the previous soul and now instantly redirect the eyes to another soul.  This infinite agility of the eyes is a property and function of the infinite love this leader has for every Jew. To continuously be on the move with the eyes.

The ability to bestow blessings or good tiding to people passing before us is a quality that each of us can emulate. The more we intend to bestow love and goodness with our eyes, the more true friendships we foster. Why is that we are motivated to Friend dozens or perhaps hundreds of people on social media forums such as Facebook? Perhaps we are seeking to awaken our spark of leadership potential within.

Each post we see from our Friends is an opportunity to think positively about that person. Is there anyway I can help them today? Is there something that they need? But also, past any particular act of goodness, it’s an opportunity to pray for them. That they should have a good day filled with blessings and so forth.

Now the posts on these Walls move rather quick. From one second to the next, it seems, the next friend comes with their post . As we stated above, the source of movement and agility is in the eyes. So when we think positively on one friend and then quickly on the next, we are emulating the agile eye movement of the greatest of Jewish leaders.

When two souls meet, it is meritorious that some could deed should come from it. Social media forums are a modern-day example that reminds us of the leadership potential in each of us.


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